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We are committed to creating a sustainable model for supporting the musicians in our area and creating a diverse program of music for our audience.

Your monthly donation allows us to take a long-term, well-planned approach at our mission.

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Compose a Masterpiece: Support Berks Sinfonietta and Strike a Winning Chord

Your Contribution, Harmonious Benefits:

As a passionate individual or a forward-thinking business in Berks County, you hold the key to orchestrating positive change. Partnering with Berks Sinfonietta, a renowned 501(c)(3) chamber orchestra, isn’t just about supporting exceptional music; it’s about composing a symphony of success for both our beloved community and your personal or professional journey.

For Individuals:

  • Be a Music Champion: Your direct support empowers local musicians, nurturing their talent and amplifying their voices. Witness joy blossom, build meaningful connections, and enrich your life while theirs takes flight.
  • Cultivate a Vibrant Community: Live performances weave a tapestry of shared experiences, strengthening bonds with friends, family, and music lovers. Your contribution builds a thriving hub for artistic expression, making Berks County a place where hearts truly resonate.
  • Invest in the Future: By ensuring accessible music education and outreach programs, you plant seeds of creativity in young minds. Your generosity shapes the cultural landscape for generations to come, ensuring a harmonious future for all.
  • Harmonize with Tax Breaks: Remember, your generous donations to Berks Sinfonietta are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of applicable federal and state tax laws and regulations. Make beautiful music for your bottom line while enriching our community.

For Businesses:

  • Enhance Your Brand Image: Associating your company with artistic excellence elevates your corporate image, showcasing your commitment to community and cultural advancement. Attract new clients and talent drawn to a vibrant Berks County.
  • Drive Economic Growth: A flourishing arts scene stimulates local businesses, attracting visitors and boosting the economy. Your investment revitalizes Berks County, making it a destination for diverse individuals and enterprises.
  • Empower a Talented Workforce: Supporting music education fosters creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills in future generations – qualities invaluable for your growing workforce. Watch your company soar with innovative minds and collaborative spirits.
  • Compose Tax-Wise Strategies: Remember, your corporate generosity to Berks Sinfonietta also benefits your bottom line! Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of applicable federal and state tax laws and regulations. Make a wise investment and amplify your success while enriching our community.

More Than Just Notes:

Your contribution to Berks Sinfonietta transcends the stage. It’s a vote for inclusivity, a catalyst for artistic exploration, and a foundation for a brighter future. Your investment amplifies the symphony of life in Berks County, transforming individuals, enriching communities, and composing a masterpiece of shared success.

Become a partner, not just a patron. 

Invest in Berks Sinfonietta, invest in our shared cultural rhythm, and let the music move us all. Contact us today and discover how your company or individual contribution can become a vital melody in Berks County’s harmonious growth.