Berks Sinfonietta is a 501(c)(3) chamber orchestra consisting of skilled musicians, including students and professionals, from Greater Reading/Berks County.
The orchestra was established in 2014 as a group made up of local musicians, dedicated to exploring the vast repertoire of all periods. 
One of its distinguishing characteristics is the intergenerational approach, where young professionals, advanced students and gifted amateurs come together to learn from one another and to create performances of excellence.

Our Mission

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Berks County, Pennsylvania, where history whispers from small towns and vibrant communities hum with life, lies Berks Sinfonietta. We’re not just an orchestra; we’re a vibrant, human fabric woven with the threads of local musicians, seasoned mentors, and eager young learners, all united by a shared passion for music’s transformative power.

Our mission unfolds with every note we play, a symphony of experiences waiting to be discovered. Forget the all too predictable: Berks Sinfonietta offers things to do in Berks County that ignite both minds and hearts. Date night ideas in Reading get a classical twist with our captivating concerts, leaving you both breathless and wanting more. And for adventurous families, we offer classical music for kids, introducing tiny ears to the wonder of orchestral storytelling.

We believe music should be accessible to all, not just a privilege of the few. That’s why we offer affordable, family-friendly concerts, making the symphony a delightful budget-friendly option. We’re Berks Sinfonietta: A hidden gem tucked within the heart of Berks County, PA, where you can support the arts and witness the outstanding talents of our local musicians firsthand.

But our symphony extends beyond the stage. We champion diversity and inclusion, showcasing the works of women composers and celebrating the music of minority composers within the classical world. We strive to build a community where everyone feels welcome, where music acts as a bridge, forging connections and fostering understanding.